Rockschool Grades

In addition to Thirst Music School’s own teaching materials, students are able to follow the Rockschool syllabuses ( which can lead to examinations up to grade 8. These qualifications are accredited by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

Exams are taken at our studios at least twice a year, the first session in February and again in November. To date, Thirst Music School has a 100% pass rate. As examinations usually fall in term time, it is the parents’ responsibility to liaise with their child’s school regarding absence for the purpose of taking an examination.

The grades are split into the following levels:

Entry Level Debut
Level 1 Grades 1 to 3
Level 2 Grades 4 to 5
Level 3 Grades 6 to 8


The books* cover different elements including performance songs, technical exercises, improvisation, sight reading, listening skills and general musicianship questions. Grades are the perfect aid to students interested in GCSE and A Level music and students achieving success in the level 3 grades can obtain UCAS points towards university entry.

Thirst Music School takes a keen interest in students taking exams and offers additional support including written material and video lessons.

As an incentive for students taking exams, Thirst Music School rewards exceptional achievement with prizes such as drum equipment.

*Grade books can be purchased from us (subject to availability), from any local music shop or at