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Mark Pusey drum masterclass

Mark Pusey drum masterclass

We have another great drum masterclass for you to look forward to! On Saturday 14th November 2015, we will be hosting a masterclass by Mark Pusey who is a very busy guy so we’re thrilled he can be here in Guernsey. Mark has recently worked either live or in the studio with artists such as Ed Sheeran, Leona Lewis, Pixie Lott, Olly Murs to name but a few (take a peek at his website for the full list The masterclass will be an opportunity to learn from someone who is at the top of their game and they’ll be a chance to pick Mark’s brains about his experiences and any tips he might have for our local drummers.

Tickets are £10 each and are limited to 130 so book early to avoid disappointment! Drop us an email at or call 07781 128945.


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