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Music Theory

Thirst Music School prides itself on teaching musicians to play well but also read and understand music both in tab and notation. With this in mind we can also offer musicians the opportunity to study music theory and harmonic progressions as a separate option. This particularly suits students who may have a good understanding of their chosen instrument or who may already be playing in bands and just want to enhance their understanding and musical vocabulary further. Students need not be able to read music prior to attending any of these courses.

Lesson Topics can include:

  • Reading and understanding traditional notation
  • Reading bass clef, treble clef and other clefs.
  • Expression marks
  • Elements of western harmony -what you already know (the old accepted rules and how rock and popular music breaks them!)
  • Scales- major and minor.
  • How standard progressions work (tonics, dominants and the functions of the other notes within scales)
  • Modes
  • Blues scales
  • Pushing the boundaries- 12 tone scales and creating tone clusters.

It is advised that students cover ‘Elements of western harmony’ before attempting to understand modes as this will enhance their understanding.

As these are lessons tailored to the individual student, courses are not a fixed length which allows for greater flexibility for the student.0645-THIRSTBATTLEOFTHEBANDS2016

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