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Little Thirsties is for 3 and 4 year olds and aims to introduce children to music while incorporating the broader elements of pre-school education; colour, shape, letters and numbers.

Lisa Murfitt (BA Hons, PGCE) teaches piano, keyboard and vocals at Thirst Music School and has designed these exciting new sessions specifically for the pre-school age group – they are highly interactive and involve crafts, songs and an element of free-play. The sessions aim to introduce children to music in a simple and fun way – as well as learning about some important musical ideas such as pitch, rhythm and basic notation, they also explore a range of different instruments (some weeks are noisier than others!). The sessions provide a great opportunity for parents to interact with their children through the medium of music and creative expression.


Sessions are £7.50 each and are held in our classroom at our studios in Collings Road on Tuesdays (during term-time) at 9.45am for approximately 45 minutes. To find out more, please contact us by email or call 07911 727811.


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