Piano Tutor

Karen has been teaching piano privately on and off for 25 years and brings with her a wealth of experience. She has a passion for using music to connect with people who live with communication challenges and mental health issues including those living with non-verbal autism, special needs and dementia.

After completing her initial piano grades through the University of South Africa, Karen then went on to complete her grade 8 theory through the Associated Board of the Royal School of London (ABRSM) and the Principles of Teaching section of Licentiate through Trinity College of London. Karen holds a degree in Nursing Science and it was this, combined with her piano improvising skills, which earned her a place on the Masters in Music Therapy programme.

Karen has lived in Guernsey since 2003 and has used music in a wide variety of social care, educational, leisure and religious settings. In 2017, she expanded her skills by taking the Level 3 Activities in Social Care course and then, having registered with the National Activity Providers Association, she set up ‘Wellbeing Activities with Music’. When her son was young, Karen enjoyed providing weekly interactive sessions for pre-school children using music and puppets.

Alongside her teaching, Karen enjoys playing piano in her church worship team and currently leads weekly singing for the brain sessions for the Alzheimer Society.

Karen very much enjoys teaching as part of the Thirst team and encouraging her students to enjoy music while developing their skills.