Masterclasses at Thirst

We regularly bring professional artists to the island for masterclasses, drum clinics and workshops.

Pete Ray Biggin drum masterclass – December 2016

There’s another awesome and inspiring drum masterclass coming your way! On Saturday 3rd December 2016, we are excited to be hosting an evening with Pete Ray Biggin, one of the most renowned session players in the UK today.

“Sheffield-born Pete Ray Biggin’s funk and soul drumming virtuosity has won him an enviably crammed session and touring career, nailing grooves for Incognito, Level 42 and his own outfit, PB Underground, amongst others.”

Read more about Pete here:Biography

The masterclass will be held at the Elizabeth College Performing Arts building, The Grange, St Peter Port and will start at 7pm (doors open at 6.30pm). For tickets (£10) and further information, please email


Mark Pusey drum masterclass – November 2015

We have another great drum masterclass for you to look forward to! On Saturday 14th November 2015, we will be hosting a masterclass by Mark Pusey who is a very busy guy so we’re thrilled he can be here in Guernsey. Mark has recently worked either live or in the studio with artists such as Ed Sheeran, Leona Lewis, Pixie Lott, Olly Murs to name but a few (take a peek at his website for the full list The masterclass will be an opportunity to learn from someone who is at the top of their game and they’ll be a chance to pick Mark’s brains about his experiences and any tips he might have for our local drummers.

Tickets are £10 each and are limited to 130 so book early to avoid disappointment! Drop us an email at or call 07781 128945.

Jonathan ‘Ginger’ Hamilton – October 2014

On Saturday 22nd November, we are hosting a drum masterclass by Jonathan ‘Ginger’ Hamilton.
Jonathan currently plays for Jessie J and past artists he has worked with include Pixie Lott and N-Dubz – follow the link below to see his impressive show reel and learn more about his career to date.
Tickets are on sale now at £10 each – call or email us to get your hands on some. Availability is limited so don’t delay!

John Wheatcroft guitar masterclass – June 2014

We are thrilled to be able to welcome John Wheatcroft to the island on the 21st June to give a guitar masterclass. John is the Head of Guitars at Tech Music School, London and is very highly regarded and sought after in the music business. As well as the masterclass, he will run an exclusive workshop for our guitar students….more details to follow.

Jason Bowld drum masterclass – March 2014

Engaging, witty, ferocious, awesome – a few of the words muttered in and around Elizabeth College Performing Arts Centre last Saturday during and after Jason Bowld’s drum masterclass. An audience of 120 were treated to nearly 2 hours of groove metal, drum and bass, rock and even some Brazilian and African rhythms as Jason battered his Mapex kit nearly into submission. Mums or Dads brought their drumming children, musos turned out before heading off to their own gigs and many went simply to see a top level performer up close. The man’s CV speaks volumes for his own abilities not only as a drummer but also a composer and contributor to some household names – Bullet for my Valentine, Pop Will Eat Itself, Killing Joke and Bill Bailey to name a few. He also contributes to the Rockschool programme of learning and it was his ability to teach across the levels which I think resonated most throughout the event. Throughout the session he played along to a range of tracks demonstrating rock, metal, drum and bass and across a number of pieces from the Rockschool grades. He simplified drum patterns and explained the idea of using rudiments musically – at a variety of tempos such that everyone left with many things to practise at home. His double bass drum technique had the front rows pressed into their seats and the older members of the audience appreciated de-mystifying Steve Gadd’s “upside down” fill in the Rickie Lee Jones track “Chuck E’s in Love”. The “venue” was perfect for a clinic of this type – decent lighting and sound with a perfect view of the stage. Jason was more than approachable after the event to answer drumming questions, explain what’s it like to play Download festival and to jump into the hot seat with Bullet for My Valentine’s arena tour on 3 days’ notice. Congratulations must go to Wayne Mahy and Thirst Music School for bringing Jason over and in putting on a thoroughly professional show; think London Drum Show and that’s an idea of the professionalism of the event. The evening ended with a prize draw – the top prize of a signed Mapex kit won by Toby Walker. Here’s to the next one Wayne and Thirst Music School! Review by Darran James

Erik Stams drum masterclass – May 2012

On 12th May 2012, Erik Stams starred as a guest performer for our first Masterclass. Erik was born and raised in New York and has over 20 years’ experience as a musician and educator. He is currently head of Drums at the Tech Music Schools, London, writes monthly articles for Rhythm Magazine and has also appeared in the BBC television Programme ‘Play it again’ teaching Aled Jones how to play drums. Erik opened the show with a fantastic drum solo (see video clip) and then went on to discuss the importance of having awareness of time keeping. Erik started off by teaching simple note values and how to apply them to the kit and then gradually progressed to more challenging concepts involving polyrhythms, and playing different sticking patterns to different note values. He also demonstrated how to create different feels by taking a bass drum pattern and applying different hand patterns and accents to it. Erik had a challenge on his hands as there was a very wide spectrum of students in the room – some students were just starting out and others had been playing for years. There was also a wide range of ages, however Erik did not disappoint the 100 students that showed up!